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An auto insurance policy is a contractual agreement between you—the insured—and the insurance carrier—the insurer—that provides financial protection against significant out-of-pocket losses following a covered incident, such as an accident. Every auto insurance policy is different, and you can generally choose the types of coverage you add to your policy to best suit your needs.

If you’re in or around Covington, Georgia, and need an auto insurance policy, Lord & Assoc Insurance is here to help. Contact us today for your free policy quote.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Auto Insurance?

The cost of auto insurance is influenced by several factors that underwriters consider. While certain factors like your location, age, inflation, and market conditions are beyond your control, other aspects within your influence contribute to determining your premium. These include your driving history, the make, model and value of your vehicle, past claims history and even your marital status. All of these factors collectively play a role in calculating your insurance costs.

What Are the Steps to File a Car Insurance Claim?

If you experience a covered incident during your policy’s period, you may want to file a claim against your policy. Please note that the claims filing process varies depending on your policy and the type of claim you may be filing. Here is a general overview of how the claims process works:

  1. Contact your insurance company—If you’re involved in an accident or experience another incident (e.g., your vehicle is stolen, severe storm damage or your windshield is chipped), the first step is to contact Lord & Assoc Insurance. A team member will help walk you through the process, explain what your policy may or may not cover and what steps to take next.
  2. File a police report (if necessary)—If you’re in an accident with another party or your vehicle is stolen or vandalized, you often are required to provide a copy of the policy report to Lord & Assoc Insurance as part of the claims process.
  3. Work with the claims adjuster—A claims adjuster will contact you to obtain more information about your claim. Provide facts during this conversation and be sure to provide any pictures of damage. The adjuster may give information about how to proceed. For example, they may recommend a specific repair shop to use to have damages repaired.
  4. Claims payment—Depending on your policy and the incident, after the claims investigation is completed, payment will be remitted. The amount paid will depend on the incident and claims investigation, and may be subject to applicable deductibles. Ask your Lord & Assoc Insurance agent whether you’ll be required to pay for damages upfront and then be reimbursed later by your policy or if they will pay the repair shop directly.

Please note, liability claims may be handled differently. Contact Lord & Assoc Insurance to learn more about the claims filing process.

Can I Transfer My Auto Insurance to a New Vehicle?

If you’re purchasing a new vehicle, you’ll likely need to show proof of insurance before the dealership allows you to drive away with your vehicle. You’ll need to call Lord & Assoc Insurance to end coverage on your previous vehicle and add coverage for your new vehicle, adhering to any applicable state and lender-imposed auto insurance requirements.

How to Get Auto Insurance

Contact Lord & Assoc Insurance in Covington, Georgia, today to learn more about your auto insurance obligations and build a policy that’s right for you and your budget.

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